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A film, television, digital video and social media content sandwich.

Concept Development

We are galvanized by the front end of our work. Our team works very closely with our clients to make sure everyone is clear on the aim of the project, and therefore, on what the end product needs to look and feel like to achieve that goal. We do not pretend to know more than our clients about their businesses, so we depend on a very close and collaborative relationship. Whether we are working with a nonprofit, a big brand commercial, a fire and safety instructional video, an airline or a comedy concept, we take the crucial time to make sure we are completely aligned, ultimately saving time and money and keeping everyone happy.


“Movies become art after editing.
Instead of just reproducing reality, they juxtapose images of it.
That implies expression; that’s art.”
—Alejandro González Iñárritu

We can’t really argue with that. Editing is critical to what we do as filmmakers, and it is the joy and the pain that makes the whole exercise so exciting and unpredictable. With full edit suites and killer editors, we find that the collaborative process of editing with our clients is what really gets us out of bed in the morning. Well, our wives really insist on it, and then there are the kids, and the coffee. We think we’ve made our point.


The role of animation in digital video, be it for business pitches, advertisements, educational presentations or comedy bits, has become more and more prevalent—and important—over the past few years. To that end, we have been fortunate enough to gather a tranche of genius animators who cover a range of styles, tones and approaches, in all of the following formats:

• traditional animation (2D, cel, hand-drawn)
• 2D animation (vector-based)
• 3D animation (CGI, computer animation)
• motion graphics (typography, animated logos)
• stop motion (claymation, cut-outs)

These guys and gals love their art, and we know you will too.


We just won a lovely little film festival award for one of our movies, scripted and directed by one of our own. He is still beaming about it, and it’s getting a little old, to be honest!

In fact, most of our team members have won notable awards, including Emmys, Film Independent Spirit Awards, Webbys, Sundance Film Festival Awards, and on and on—predominantly for their writing for screen. This is a service we are hired for a lot, be it writing a voice-over, editing or adapting an existing project, or spitballing ideas with our clients. Whether for the big screen or for an internal corporate presentation, we’ve got you covered.


Documentary film work is at the core of our reputation and skill set. Over the years, we have amassed a gang of documentary producers beyond compare, and together we’ve worked with premier outlets including National Geographic, HBO, BBC Films and Showtime. We’ve covered every continent in the world on a variety of projects, both large and small. Our strong international connections ensure timely, trustworthy and reliable production services, and allow us to bypass the many weeks of preproduction and education that these projects so often entail. Be it following a doctor in Africa who specializes in safe childbirth or interviewing the Australian prime minister in Melbourne, our reach runs the gamut, and we bloody well love it.


You have to take your time with narrative features and shorts. The patience and focus of a saint, frankly. We are meticulous in our work in this arena, and with a production team composed of makers and developers of such films as ELIZABETH, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, NOTTING HILL, LOVE ACTUALLY and OUTLANDER, we know our stuff. With a smorgasbord of incredible directors, line producers, production managers and below-the-line legends, we are one-stop shop for any narrative piece, and we can make it happen with our eyes closed. Although it works better with them open. Just saying.

Commercial & Branded

Our work in branded content spans quite a range, from an internal pitch video for a major American bank to a hilarious tribute video for an international publishing magnate. We’ve done numerous monthly videos for numerous different company websites and social media platforms, and we even did a video about an author who famously writes about pigs. We rented a pig for the day. (Yes—you can do that.) We have a creative team par excellence. Humor, business, branded…we’ve got you covered. Including the livestock.


Though our name might suggest otherwise, we are all about giving back and helping out! We currently create content for several charities in order to help them raise money, spread the word through social media, reach new donors through advertisements, or for whatever is most effective for the organization. Knowing that the coffers can be slim in this arena, we offer special rates to charitable groups. Which is the way it should be, frankly.


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